Penerapan Produksi Bersih Pada Industri Kecil Jeans di Desa Surabayan Kecamatan Wonopringgo Kabupaten Pekalongan

Edy Suhartono, Suparni Setyowati Rahayu, Basuki SB (Politeknik Negeri Semarang), Mochammad Yusa (Universitas Bengkulu)


The development of the bluejin industry in Pekalongan Regency is very rapid which is supported by dozens of bluejin centers spread across several districts. Before 2007, the conditions of the blue-ray center of Pekalongan Regency developed naturally. Based on the ability to absorb labor, the type of bluejin handicraft industry is very potential in absorbing labor, amounting to 57,055 people. One of the bluejin clusters of Surobayan Village, Wonopringgo District, Pekalongan Regency.To improve economic, social and environmental performance in the bluejin cluster of Surobayan Village, Pekalongan Regency, the implementation of sustainable clean production equipment and optimization of the use of solid waste through a pattern (3R) was implemented. Bluejin craftsmen produced bluejin pants and bluejin jackets. The production capacity of each craftsman per month between 250 to 945 scores. The growth of SMIs in Pekalongan District, especially the bluejin cluster of Surobayan Village, grows every year even though there are those who close their businesses, and are at the heart of the garment economy in Pekalongan district. On average, one company has 15 employees. Every year, on average, one company uses jin cloth 182,880 m, H2O2 1600 L, boarding 2000 kg, teepol 200 kg. on the bluejin production process, on average it requires 15,000 L water, Firewood  310 m3. Whereas for a year the product failed 9,144 m, H2O2 scattered 200 L, boarding spilled 24 kg, Wastewater 80% from the water used, Teepol scattered 10 kg, coloring material 50.4 kg, no one using natural dyes . The steps that must be passed to implement sustainable clean production are identifying the causes of inefficiencies, analyzing environmental causes and impacts, determining the steps to improve environmental management that are needed, integrating them into the company's organizational structure and evaluating these steps.

Keywords : Ecoficiency, Green Product, Clean Production, Environmental Management


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