IbM Kelompok Pengrajin Sulam Pita Desa Cepiring dan Desa Kumpulrejo Kendal

Mardinawati, Susena, Ulfah Hidayati (Politeknik Negeri Semarang)


The purpose of this activity is to improve the skills of making ribbon embroidery, and expand the marketing of products. Thus the expected revenue of the ribbon embroidery artisans group members  in the Cepiring village and the Kumpulrejo village, Kendal who is a partner in this activity can be increased. The method used in the science and technology programs for the community is the training, practice, monitoring and evaluation, and business assistance. The practice is done in calculating the cost of production, design and create ribbon embroidery, Website designing and applying marketing based on Internet and social networking. Engineering design and create ribbon embroidery is done using computers and Corel Draw application software. The monitoring is done by a team in order to see the development of existing products results in partners. The output of this activity is the formation of a new group of entrepreneurs ribbon embroidery. Group from the village of Cepiring named "57". While the ribbon group of  Kumpulrejo village named "Mulia". Another form of output which is the ribbon embroidery patterns design and innovation of new products, the website with the address, face book as a promotional medium, two units of sewing machines, storefront two units, laptops for deploying Internet-based marketing and scientific articles.

Keywords: ribbon embroidery, mukena, bag, veil.

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