IbM Pengrajin Tahu Desa Candirejo dan Genuk Ungaran Barat

Sandi Supaya, Kunto Purbono, Rustono (Politeknik Negeri Semarang)


The problem faced by partners is soybean milling machine and boiler tubes are often broken, uneven density tofu, and the problem of improving retention rates. Damage to the engine and tube resulted in delays in the production process, which affects the declining quality and quantity of production during the repair, as well as the departure of customers to other craftsmen. Traditional Stamping tools are still used, and is not able to produce the material out of meatballs that have the same density. Targets and Outputs of this activity is to provide solutions to partners through the replacement of soybean milling machine, boiler, press tools, improve customer retention, and scientific articles. Methods of practice, evaluation, monitoring, and mentoring are used to provide solutions to problems partners. The result of this activity is to increase the amount, quality, and customer retention rates. Average production increased 60 Kg. The time required for the production process becomes faster between one and a half to two hours. Time stamping out faster about 40 minutes and the density results pres out equally. Increased customer retention rate. The increase was driven by an increase in quality, and quality assurance, and understanding better the buyer desires. Partners in this activity are advised to expand its sales area into the modern market. Its foundation is in traditional markets experience more than ten years and are very understanding customers, production processes, and products sold.

Kata kunci : Meatballs tofu, density, soy, boiler tubes, customer

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