Perwujudan Program Kampung Tematik Melalui Pengolahan Sampah Dengan Teknologi Takakura Home Methods (THM) Pada Penggerak PKK Kelurahan Pedalangan Kecamatan Banyumanik

Andi Setiawan, Rustono, Sri Wahyuni, Rif’ah Dwi Astuti, Jurusan Administrasi Bisnis Politeknik Negeri Semarang


Unhealthy environmental problems and slums due to waste become special attention Semarang City Government. Thematic Kampung Program became the mainstay program of Semarang city government to manage the clean environment of waste. This condition is also a long-standing problem in Pedalangan Sub-District requires special attention. The result of preliminary observation indicates the need of Semarang City Pedalangan Urban Village to competence of practical waste management and increase the use value of the garbage itself. Lack of synergy between citizens, the Government of Pedalangan Sub-District Banyumanik Sub-district, Semarang City and instinct of education in this case Polines in applying integrated landfills. One way of processing waste, especially organic waste is composting with Takakura Home Methods. The selection of the object of this service is the Community (PKK ) Pedalangan Urban Village Banyumanik Subdistrict Semarang City. In order to support the problem solving of garbage faced by the community, this activity offers the application of technology in some areas of the application activity of waste management technology by Takakura method. The need for scientific reference becomes another outcome of this devotion in addition to the provision of materials and assistance of Takakura Home Methods (THM) Technology and the strengthening of integrated institutions between communities, governments and Polines.

Key Words :        Takakura Technology Home Methods (THM), Trash


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